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OER Marketing Toolkit

Marketing OER

Any OER outreach and marketing initiatives need to have stated goals to help provide consistency and scaffolding. Each communication should aim to uphold one or more of the stated goals. If the communication does not promote a goal it should be rewritten or discarded.

  • To inform faculty and/or administration about the benefits of adopting OER.
  • To inform faculty about the numerous OER materials available to them (including those created and provided by TAWG/WRLC).
  • To inform faculty and/or administration about the library’s role in and support of OER.
  • To create on-campus advocates for OER adoption and creation.

These goals should be written with their target audience in mind. Each communication’s message may need to be tweaked depending on the intended recipient.

Become an Advocate

Anyone can become an advocate of OER. Advocates promote and share the benefits and outcomes of adopting, using, and creating OER. If you wish to move beyond using OER to advocating OER, consider competing some of the following activities:

  • Share OER benefits with fellow faculty
  • Present on OER at meetings and events
  • Publish a review of an OER resources
  • Help a faculty member find and/or adopt OER material
  • Work with administration to ensure OER adoption, adaption, and creation counts towards tenure
  • Volunteer to serve on panels or other outlets to share your OER story