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Self-Study Information

Librarians can assist with and provide information for self-studies and accreditation visits. Information we can provide includes but is not limited to:

  • Resources Lists
    • Quantity of Resources
    • Formats of Resources
    • Quality of Resources
    • Depth of Subject Material
  • Library Space
    • Number of "Spots" Available
    • Technology Available
    • Usage Statistics
  • Library Faculty and Staff
    • Number and Types of Employees
    • Professional Skills
    • Areas of Expertise
  • Instruction
    • Statistics of Instruction Sessions
    • Available Instruction Options
    • Assessment of Teaching
  • Reference
    • Styles of Reference Assistance Offered
    • Statistics of Reference Transactions
    • Examples of Reference Transactions
  • Outreach
    • Activities (Including Guides, Exhibits, Events, etc.)

Collection Assessment

The purpose of collection assessment is to ensure that the library is meeting the current needs of the UDC community. Collection assessment is done on a continual or as-needed basis. Review of the collection considers the following information:

  • Number of Items Available
  • Format of Items Available
  • Accessibility of Items Available
  • Breadth and Depth of Information Covered
  • Currency of Information Covered
  • Usage of Available Items

Collection assessment can be done by subject or over the entire library collection. Assessment can result in the library purchasing new material relocating material to off-site storage, or weeding material from the collection.