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Faculty Research Index

The UDC Faculty Research Index was established in May 2022 and is in the process of collecting information to shared. If you wish for your information to appear on the Index, please see the submission form information below.

The goals of the Index are to: 

  • Provide a comprehensive, centralized index of all current University faculty’s contact information, research interests, and scholarly work (including but not limited to publications, presentations, artistic works, etc.) 
  • Provide faculty the ability to identify possible collaborators in other University programs and departments. 
  • Provide funders with the ability to see our faculty’s body of work to support requests for grants, donations, etc. 
  • Provide the ability for students – especially graduate students – to find mentors and scholarly advisors in their academic areas. 
  • Provide the University with the ability to market faculty output to support various initiatives. 
  • Provide outside media and organizations with information to identify experts for quotes, interviews, conferences, panels, etc.