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Library 101

Library 101 is a new, self-paced tutorial organization on Blackboard. In this program, you can learn all about research and library skills in short lessons. You can visit as often as you need and we will continue to add content to help you learn all about research, the library, academic writing, and information literacy.

Research is an integral part of your life. You use a mix of your own experience and learned skills to help you find what you need. Each section in this course is designed to help you learn more about a specific aspect of the research process, information literacy, or research skills.

If you review all or most of the material in Library 101, you will be able to:

  • Identify what information literacy is and understand how it integrates into your daily and academic lives.
  • Understand that research is a process and identify the various parts of the process.
  • Understand the role the library and its resources and services play in the research process.
  • Understand how to find, evaluate, and use pieces of information for academic assignments and personal research needs.
  • Understand different search strategies, when and how to use them, and how to employ these strategies in academic and personal research.
  • Identify and use various research and information support tools.
  • Understand that information literacy and research are parts of lifelong learning.

Library 101 covers the following topics:

  • Course Information
  • Information Literacy
  • The Research Process
  • Research & Library Skills
  • Academic Writing
  • Recommended Tools

To enroll in Library 101, email Meghan Kowalski ( to request access.