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Computers are available in all library locations.

UDC patrons log into computers using their UDC email and password. 

Patrons from another WRLC library or members of the community can use the computers at our Van Ness location. Non UDC users may request to be logged in to a computer at the Reference or Media Services desk.


Students, faculty, and staff at the library can access the UDCWIFI network, which allows basic web access.

Faculty and staff who need to access secure resources (such as Banner, and remote files) wirelessly will need to connect to the UDCSECURE network and authenticate using your computer’s operating system. Instructions are available here.

Campus guests can access UDC wifi after self-registering. Instructions, including the guest wifi access form, are available here.

Printing, Copying, Scanning

Printing, copying, and scanning is available in the library for UDC students, staff, and faculty only. Color printing is available on the XEROX machines located on the 6th Floor of Building 71 (4250 Connecticut Ave.).

Accessibility Station

The UDC Library on the Van Ness campus has a work station including a computer equipped with JAWS, Magic, and OpenBook software; a low-vision, large print keyboard; a digital scanner; and a document viewer. The library space at the 801 North Capitol Street Community College location has a work station including a computer equipped with AWS, Magic, and OpenBook software; a low-vision, large-print keyboard; and a digital scanner. 

Hearing aid compatible headsets (with microphones) are available by request at the Media Services desk. 

Video tutorials on the UDC Library YouTube channel are captioned. 

The UDC Library spaces on the Van Ness and 801 North Capitol Street Community College campuses are wheelchair accessible. 

Many full-text articles are published in an Adobe PDF format that can be automatically converted from text to speech. Adobe Reader includes a read aloud function (under the View menu). Additionally, many of our online resources have text-to-speech capabilities for some or all full-text content.


The following software is available on the desktop computers at the library:

  • Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Audacity
  • SPSS
  • Lockdown Browser
  • Speech Filling System (a speech language pathology software)