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Request Library Instruction

You can request library instruction by completing the instruction request form. Instruction requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance to allow for scheduling and working with you to develop tailored lesson plans and activities to best serve your individual class, assignments, and/or student needs. A librarian will contact you to confirm your request within two business days. 

If you have any questions you would like to discuss before submitting, please contact us at or 202-274-5104.


The UDC Library’s information literacy instruction program supports students’ growth as researchers and information literate citizens, both for their academic work and for their lifelong learning. We seek to achieve this goal by:

  1. Providing tailored instruction for students in a variety of delivery formats, and
  2. Providing support for faculty in teaching research and information literacy concepts. 

Student Learning Outcomes

The Library’s information literacy instruction program focuses on the following learning outcomes: 

  1. Awareness of Resources: Students will be able to identify the UDC Library as a resource to support their academic work and understand the range of library services and resources available to them.
  2. Needs & Tools: Students will be able to identify specific research or information needs and the appropriate research tools to address those needs. 
  3. Resources & Strategies: Students will be able to identify and apply iterative and adaptable search strategies to find resources appropriate to their research needs. Students will be able to understand that research is a non-linear, non-sequential and strategic process.
  4. Attribution & Ethical Use of Information: Students will be able to ethically use and incorporate information into their research by appropriately summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and citing resources.
  5. Evaluation & Analysis: Students will apply critical thinking skills to evaluate information sources. Students will be able to identify different source types and determine if a source is appropriate to their needs.

Instruction for Students

The Library provides instruction for students in three delivery formats: 

  • Synchronous: Live during a class session. Synchronous instruction is available for in-person classes, synchronous online classes, and hybrid classes. 
  • Asynchronous: Via tailored or curated online tutorials, video lectures, or readings. Asynchronous resources may be used for any course delivery format. Asynchronous resources may also be used in a flipped classroom model, assigned and completed by students prior to synchronous sessions so that full class sessions can be devoted to active, hands-on learning. 
  • Embedded Librarian: An embedded librarian works closely with the class throughout the semester to provide ongoing research and information literacy support that corresponds to the course material and responds to emerging student needs. We recommend that this option be arranged prior to the start of the semester.  

If there is another form of support or instruction that you would like to incorporate into your class but is not listed here, please contact us at or 202-274-5104 to discuss further.

Research shows that library instruction is most effective when paired with an assignment. Please keep your assignments in mind when considering your choice of format and timing for the session.

Support for Faculty

Librarians are available to consult with faculty about all aspects of teaching research skills and information literacy concepts. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of learning outcomes, application of research pedagogies, and design of assignments.

If you would like to consult with a librarian, please contact us at or 202-274-5104, or make an appointment