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Government Information Help Guide

Information produced by the federal government can be helpful for a wide variety of research needs. While UDC is not a member of the Federal Depository System, federal government information is readily available at the UDC Library.

What are government agencies?

A government agency is a permanent or semi-permanent organization within a national or state government. These agencies are responsible for oversight or administration of a specific sector, field, or area of study. Most government agencies are meant to be non-political but the direction and intention of their work may change depending on which political party makes up the majority of elected officials.

The work of many government agencies is mandated and directed by law. Agencies may work individually on in cooperation with other agencies or non-government entities on their assigned work.

A to Z Index of Government Agencies

On this index, you will find contact information for U.S. federal government departments and agencies including websites, emails, phone numbers, addresses, summaries of the agency's work, and more.

Recommended Agency Websites

The list below contains popular or important government agencies. The link sends you to that agency's page on where you can find their website, contact information, and a summary of the work conducted in the agency.

Major Departments

Other Agencies