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On this page, you will find information about faculty from the Scholl of Business & Public Administration (SBPA). If you wish to add your information, please see the Submit Your Information section on the About page.

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Arora, Amit

Amit Arora Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Work Funders


Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management

Department of Management

Faculty Bio




Sustainability strategies in supply chain management
Supply chain collaboration
Social Robotics
Arora, A., Arora, A., & McIntyre, J. (2023). Developing Chatbots for Cyber Security: Assessing Threats through Sentiment Analysis on Social Media. Preprints 2023, 2023080329.

Arora, A. S., Arora, A., Sivakumar, K., & McIntyre, J. R. (2023, March). Robotic Interventions for Learning (ROB-I-LEARN) Examining Social Robotics for Learning Disabilities through Business Model Canvas. In Companion of the 2023 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (pp. 277-281).

Arora, A., Arora, A., Anyu, J., & McIntyre, J. R. (2021). Global value chains’ disaggregation through supply chain collaboration, market turbulence, and performance outcomes. Sustainability, 13(8), 4151.

Arora, A., Arora, A. S., Sivakumar, K., & Burke, G. (2020). Strategic sustainable purchasing, environmental collaboration, and organizational sustainability performance: the moderating role of supply base size. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 25(6), 709-728.

Ampe-N’DA, L. D., Payne, B. A., Spake, R. I., Sharpe, S., & Arora, A. (2020). Buyer-supplier relationships: role of collaboration, sustainability, and technology. Sustainable innovation: trends in marketing and management, 47-58.

Arora, A., Arora, A. S., & Sivakumar, K. (2016). Relationships among supply chain strategies, organizational performance, and technological and market turbulences. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 27(1), 206-232.
National Science Foundation Grant (2021) for $199,997 (Principal Investigator): “STEM-Business Focused Sustainable Financial Technology – Clean Technology (Sustainable FinTech-CleanTech) at the University of the District of Columbia.”

Department of Defense (2021) Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS) Academic Consortia Grant for $99,866 (Principal Investigator): “Chatbot Testbed”

National Science Foundation Grant (2019) for $399,367 (Co-Principal Investigator): “Targeted Infusion Project: STEM-Business Focused Logistics and International Trade (LIT) Analytics.”

VentureWell Grant (2019) for $10,000 (Principal Investigator): Course and Program Planning grant titled “Developing STEM-Business ‘Global Supply Chain Innovation’ Concentration with a Focus on Sustainability and Entrepreneurship at the University of the District of Columbia.”


Chinta, Ravi

Ravi Chinta Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Work

Associate Dean and Professor, Management

Masters of Business Administration

Strategic Management of Resources Complete Listing of Research (PDF)


Collier, Donovan Y.

Donovan Y. Collier Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Work

Associate Professor

Business Management

Organizational Resilience

International Business

Internationalization Strategy


Organizations in Turbulent Environments



Plummer, Yolandra

Yolandra Plummer Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Work Funders



Dimensions of digital literacy among low-income populations

Work readiness training for low-income populations

University and government partnerships

Plummer, Yolandra A.. Telehuman Services Improves the Engagement of Low-Income Populations. Journal of Public Administration and Governance, [S.l.], v.11, n.3, p 56-72, Aug. 2021.  District of Columbia Department of Human Services Paving Access Trails to Higher Security (PATHS) Grant (2014- present)