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    On this page, you will find information about faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). If you wish to add your information, please see the Submit Your Information section on the About page.

    Faculty are listed in alphabetically order by last name. You can also select "Ctrl+F" to search within this page.

    De, Aparajita

    Aparajita De Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Works


    Associate Professor

    English & IGED

    Google Scholar


    Cultural Studies

    South Asia

    South Asian Diaspora

    Race and Identity Studies

    Please see Google Scholar


    Krauthamer, Helene

    Helene Krauthamer Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Works


    Professor of English




    Service Learning


    Teaching with Technology

    Helene Krauthamer received her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Linguistics from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and her A.B. degree in Mathematics from New York University. Her dissertation is on The Written Expression of Transitive Propositions in English with a discussion of the use of the passive voice.

    Her experiences at UDC teaching composition have resulted in her book, Spoken Language Interference Patterns (SLIPs) in Written English (Peter Lang, 1999), as well as several articles on topics related to computers and composition, teaching grammar, the use of the passive voice, and assessment.

    She has recently produced with Routledge Publishers (2021) a book about pronouns, titled The Great Pronoun Shift.


    Perry, Justin

    Justin Perry Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Works


    Adjunct Professor



    Philosophy of Science



    Human Rights

    International Relations



    "Response to the No Virtue Coincidence Argument" Philosophy of Science, Forthcoming.

    “Virtue Ethics and the Development of Moral Character in the Military” Journal of Military Ethics, Forthcoming 2022.

    Can the Government Police Itself? Lessons for Atrocity Prevention from Colombia's False Positives Scandal” The SAIS Review of International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, August 2022. 

    “Building Peace for All: Women’s Advocacy for a Future Afghanistan” United Nations Institute for Training and Research, May 2020.


    Perry, Justin (2022). “An Integrated Virtue Ethics Pedagogy” Paper presented at the American Association of Philosophy Teachers conference (AAPT) at Otterbein University, Westerville, Ohio.

    Perry, Justin (2022). “EWAS and the False Positives: Institutional and Tool-Based Innovations for Early Warning Action Systems to Prevent Government Atrocity” Paper presented at the Critical Perspectives on Human Rights conference (CPHRC) at the City College of New York, New York.

    Perry, Justin (2022). “Economic Democracy in the Hinterland.” Paper presented at the Latin American Social and Public Policy Conference (LASPP) at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

    Group/Panel Presentation (2020). “Building Peace for All: Women’s Advocacy for a Future Afghanistan.” Paper presented virtually at the United Nations, NY.


    Prete, Davide

    Davide Prete Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Works Funders


    Assistant Professor

    Arts & Humanities - Art




    Digital Fabrication

    Computational Design

    Generative Design

    Additive Manufacturing



    See Website

    See Scholarly & Creative Work (PDF)

    DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (2019)

    DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Civic Commission, Playable Art In partnership with DC Office of Planning through an Art Place America Grant (2020)


    Wendt, Jillian

    Jillian Wendt Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Works Funders & Grants


    Associate Professor of Science Education

    Division of Education, Health, & Social Work

    Website 0000-0002-4142-178X


    Teacher Preparation

    Science Education


    Online Learning

    STEM Mentoring

    Please Google Scholar

    National Science Foundation Award No. 1717082

    National Science Foundation Award No. 1912205


    Yarish, Jasmine Noelle

    Jasmine Noelle Yarish Research Interests Scholarly & Creative Work


    Assistant Professor

    Political Science, Interdisciplinary General Education Program



    CV (PDF)

    Dr. Jasmine Noelle Yarish (Dr. JNY), Assistant Professor of Political Science, received her Ph.D. in political science with graduate certificates in both Black Studies and Global Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her expertise is in intersectionality (race, gender, sexuality, and space), populist nationalism, urban politics, and democratic theory. Her research aims to extend the idea of abolition democracy theorized by W.E.B. Du Bois to include the political and intellectual contributions made by Black women to the era of Reconstruction (1850-1880). Her archival commitments to revisiting that early period of contemporary political thought, the primary democratization period in American political development, and the unique case of Philadelphia in rethinking the significance of Reconstruction for the discipline of political science place Dr. JNY’s scholarship as part and parcel of the growing literature on the “Third Reconstruction.” See CV (PDF)