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Scholarly Communications

Online Presence for Scholars

Creating an online presence helps scholars share and amplify their work. This page contains resources for scholars seeking to establish or expand their online presence through research profiles, personal websites, and other platforms.  

Scholarly Presence Resources

Research profiles:


Which profiles should you set up and use? That depends on several factors: 

  • What you want out of a profile: Are you mostly looking to share your published work? Are you looking for something CV-like, including service work and other scholarly activities? Do you want your profile to include bibliometrics?
  • Whether the identifier is persistent or not: ORCID offers a persistent identifier, while other platforms offer a unique ID for that platform or no unique ID at all. How important is the persistence of an identifier to you?
  • Requirements of funders or publications: A funder or publisher that you’re working with or planning to submit materials to may require a profile. As I mentioned earlier, that is increasingly the case, and if something is required, it is typically an ORCID ID. 
  • Your discipline: There are also discipline-specific profile sites to consider (e.g., MLA Commons, NIH My Bibliography, and SciENcv).
  • Visibility and the number of users: Are the profiles public or only available to registered users? How widely used is the platform?
  • Interoperability/ability to sync: And with so many platforms available, you may consider which services can connect or sync with each other, or with outside institutions or publishers. 


Personal websites:


Social media: