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Business Administration

Business Administration Search Strategy

Before you start looking for resources, spend a few minutes brainstorming a research plan to help focus your idea.

  • Look at the assignment
    • What are you being required to create?
    • How many resources do you need?
    • Do you need scholarly sources? Interviews? 
  • What are the key topics of your Business plan or assignment?
    • Economics
    • Management 
    • Income Generation
    • How does your business solution solve a problem?
  • Statistics
    • Do you need to show data measurements and other infographics?
    • If so, how?
  • Law and Policy
    • Do you need to find specific laws or policies in business?


When you search for articles, books, and other information, you need to use keywords. Below is a list of keywords or categories of keywords that could be used in the library databases. You can use this on their own or mix and match them to narrow your results.

  • Business
  • Business Administration 
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Management 
  • Technology
  • Information Technology 
  • Commerce 
  • Corporate