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Stress Check

by Meghan Kowalski on 2019-04-28T09:00:00-04:00 | Comments

Graphic of stacks rocks on a beach saying: Stress Check - how you can relieve finals week stressFinal exams are nearly here. Keep breathing!  

We know this is an incredibly stressful stretch of the semester, but you will get through it. As you study, remember to take care of yourself. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep your stress levels in check. 

  • Inhale and Exhale: When you find yourself stressing – stop and take a few minutes to breathe deeply. First, inhale through your nose and fill your belly with air. Then completely exhale through your mouth. Repeat for five to ten breathes until you feel a sense of calm. 
  • Take a Walk: Studying requires you to stay in one place for a long time. Give yourself a break and a change of scenery. Spend 30 minutes walking around (preferably outside) to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.  
  • Move Your Body: Not a fan of walking? Get in a quick workout or yoga session. If you get your body moving and your blood flowing, you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on your exams. 
  • Laugh: Alleviate some of your stress by getting in a good hearty laugh. Hang out with friends or watch a funny show to stir your mirth. Laughter is shown to relieve tension by relaxing your muscles and putting you in a positive mood. 
  • GET SOME SLEEP!: Sleep is your number one friend during finals. Pulling an all-nighter or cramming in to the wee hours will only leave your brain feeling sluggish. Before test day, get to bed at a reasonable hour and try to get a full seven or eight hours of shut eye. Sleep is the number one ingredient to being ready for finals. 

Good luck, Firebirds! We know you’re going to rock those tests. 

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