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    Navigating Information Webinar Series

    by Meghan Kowalski on 2023-09-13T08:00:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

    You will hear from your professors and librarians to “go to the library to do research!” But why? Why would you want to go to the library when Google is right there and so easy?  

    If you’ve seen a paywall – that's why. If you’ve been asked to pay $40 for one article – that's why. If you’ve seen some iffy information – that's why. Don’t get us wrong, Google is great, and we use it all the time. Wikipedia is wonderful. Social media is a treasure trove of information and phenomenal dance videos.  

    Join us this fall for a series of FREE webinars about why you should use the library, getting started with research, and how to find and use information.  


    The Library vs. Everything Else 

    Sept. 29 @ 1:00 PM 

    Hosted by Cathy Meals 

    What kinds of information do you get from the library? What kinds of information do you get from Google? What about a book or a newspaper or a magazine? In this session, we’re exploring what kinds of information you find in a library versus what you can get elsewhere. We’ll share why you might need to choose one over the other. Plus, we’ll share the benefits of why you might want to try the library first. 

    Register for The Library vs. Everything Else 


    Getting Started with Research 

    Oct. 13 @ 1:00 PM 

    Hosted by Chris Anglim 

    When it comes to research assignments the hardest part is just getting started. In this session, we will provide our best advice to help you get started. We’ll discuss assignment parameters, brainstorming, background information, developing a topic, writing a thesis, and how to begin your research. 

    Register for Getting Started with Research 


    Kinds of Information: What’s Available, Where to Find It, and How to Use It 

    Oct. 27 @ 1:00 PM 

    Hosted by Glen Benedict 

    The kind of information you need depends on what outcome you are trying to achieve. What you use for an academic paper is going to be vastly different from what you need to plan a vacation. In this session, we will discuss what kinds of information are available, where to find various types of information, and how you would use that information to support your work. 

    Register for Kinds of Information: What’s Available, Where to Find It, and How to Use It 


    Using Research: Integrating and Synthesizing Sources 

    Nov. 17 @ 1:00 PM 

    Hosted by Tricia Clarke 

    When you're writing a paper or making a scholarly argument, you use a mix of existing sources along with your own ideas.  In this session, we will explain why we use sources, show different ways to integrate sources, and discuss the importance of incorporating your opinion and analysis into your work. 

    Register for Using Research: Integrating and Synthesizing Sources 


    The webinars will last for up to one hour and will provide time for Q&A (recorded and unrecorded). The recordings will be posted on YouTube and sent to all registrants.  

    If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Kowalski, Outreach and Reference Librarian, at


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