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A guide for CRIM 395: Youth Incarceration


Any questions or concerns? Having trouble finding that last article? Need help focusing your research question? Not sure if you citations are correct? You can always contact Faith Rusk at, or 202-274-1661. 

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To help develop a focused research question from a broad topic, students are asked to consider the questions in the quadrant below. 


  • What is your topic? What other issues/events are similar or related to your topic? 


  • Who is affected by your topic? Who is involved?


  • How does your topic impact society, culture, politics, economics? 


  • Why does this topic matter to you? Why should it matter to others? 

For a PDF of the question quadrant, click here.

Research Question Templates

While these are not the only way you can structure a research question, these templates might be helpful as you try and shape your research question.

·         What are the effect(s) of [actor] on [target]?

·         What is the future of [actor] for [target]?

·         What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of using [actor] for [target]?

·         How do restrictions on [actor] effect [target]?

·         How will the dependence of [target] on [actor] effect the future?

·         What is the role of [actor] in the relationship between [target] and [target]?

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