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SOWK 311 - Social Welfare As A Social Institution II: Home

This guide is designed to provide learning resources for students doing research in the Social Work class SOWK 311.


This guide aims to provide students enrolled in the class "Social Welfare As A Social Institution" with resources for completing their research requirements. It gives access to information available via the UDC library, WRLC, and other sources.  

Contact a librarian if you are not able to find the information you are looking for. You may also send your comments about content and improvement of the Research Guide via my email address or the chat link on this page. Thanks.

Sources for Legislation

Sources for Newspaper Articles

Newspaper reports via interviews, surveys, speeches, etc. can provide the latest information on what people are thinking about your topic. Reading different newspapers may provide different perspectives for you to consider in your research.

Direct News Access

Access is provided to assist with the requirement that students view or listen to a news source every day. Various sources were selected with the hope of providing a variety of perspectives on the news items in which you are interested.

Recommended Databases

Subject Guide

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