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APA Style Guide

This guide is intended to help students cite their sources according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition (2010).

Article in a Reference Book (p. 202)

General Format
In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):
(Author Surname [of Article], Year)
In-Text Citation (Quotation):
(Author Surname [of Article], Year, page number)
References (Quotation):
Author Surname [of Article], First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Article title. In Editor First Initial. Second Initial. Surname (Ed.), Reference book title: Subtitle (# ed. edition, Vol.volume #, pp. page range of article). Place ofPublication: Publisher
In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):
(Johnson, 1998)
In-Text Citation (Quotation):
(Johnson, 1998, p.532)
Johnson, A. (1994). Borealis. In Encyclopedia of Northern

Climates (Vol. 1, pp. 498-554). New York, NY: Bartes.