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by Meghan Kowalski on 2022-11-07T16:19:55-05:00 | Comments

It's paper writing season! While these weeks can be lots of work, there are some great tools out there to help. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Grammarly - A powerful browser extension that provides feedback as you write. It provides spell-checking and grammar support. You can see a review of writing tone. Plus, it can help you catch when you need a citation. You can sign up for free with a UDC email address (details here).
  • Zotero - This FREE tool can help you collect, organize, and use your research resources. It makes creating a bibliography so easy! The browser extension allows you to save citation information and even entire files. You can create folders and teams to share resources for group projects. Plus, the powerful editing features all you to take notes directly in your resources.
  • Xmind - This mind mapping app can help you brainstorm your next paper. Connect ideas to see where you want to take your paper. You can even add colors and illustrations.
  • Hemingway Editor - This tool helps you improve the readability of your writing. It uses color coding to show things like passive voice, word choice, and other ways to simplify your text. 
  • Cliche Finder - This simple tool does what it says. Finds cliches in your writing so you can think about alternative wording.
  • Noisli - No need to work in silence. Noisli helps you create a soundscape to put you in the productive zone. 
  • FocusWriter - Easily distracted? This tool can help you stay immersed in your work and away from things that beep.

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