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Ace Your Midterms!

by Meghan Kowalski on 2019-02-28T09:00:00-05:00 | Comments

​Welcome to midterms! This time of the year can be stressful and incredibly busy. But there’s nothing to fear! With a positive attitude and some planning, you will successfully finish this part of the semester. 

Here are some of our favorite tips to get you through the next week. 

Write It All Down: If you’ve got a lot on your plate, make sure you write it all down. Put every test and essay in your planner or calendar. Set reminders so you don’t miss anything. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to complete your studies and assignments. 

Step Away from the Phone: Instagram is awesome, but it will only distract you from what you need to do. Instead of endlessly scrolling or playing games, put your devices away. If you can’t live without it, at least put your phone in airplane mood or on Do Not Disturb so you can give your full focus to your work and studies.  

Organize a Study Group: Find some classmates, grab some pizza, and spend an hour or two studying together. It’s a lot easier to learn new material when you're among friends and can talk everything out. Plus, you can drill one another with flash cards or sample questions. 

Treat Yo’ Self!: After each study session, test, or paper due date, reward yourself with something you love. This can be as simple as an episode of your favorite show or your favorite snack. Rewarding yourself not only makes you happy, it gives you something to look forward to. 

Get Some Sleep: Staying up and cramming all night may seem like a good idea, but it has a negative impact on your performance. They night before your exam, go to bed at a reasonable hour. Seven or eight hours of shut-eye will leave you well-rested and ready to ace your test. Your brain will be more alert, and you’ll better be able to recall what you need to know. Plus, sleep is awesome and you need it. 

Just Keep Breathing: Breathe easy and picture yourself in your happy place. You can’t be successful if you stress yourself out. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and remember – You got this!  

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