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This guide offers some resources and suggestions for using the Foundation Center Directory.

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Foundation Center at UDC

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is a Funding Information Network partner of Foundation Center. The Funding Information Network is comprised of libraries, community foundations, NGOs, and nonprofit resource centers across the country and around the world. As a Funding Information Network partner, UDC provides free access to the most comprehensive information available on foundation and corporate giving. It features Foundation Center print and electronic resources as well as professional staff to assist visitors. Foundation Center electronic resources include, Foundation Directory Online, Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, and Foundation Maps.

What is the Foundation Grant Center?

The Foundation Center Directory Online*** is a useful tool for finding potential sources of fundings for projects. The Foundation Center is one of the foremost resources for finding information on philanthropic organizations. In the Foundation Center Directory Online you can search for:

  • Grantmakers-organizations that provide grant funding
    • over 100,000 organizations are in the Directory
  • Information on Companies that provide grants
    • over 4,000 sponsoring companies
  • Specific grant opportunities
    • over 2.4 million recently awarded grants
  • 990 tax forms for these organizations
    • over 700,000 recently filed IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF

This information can be used to help you locate sources of funding for your own projects and find information on how companies and philanthropic organizations distribute funds. UDC students and faculty may use this resource on-campus. In this guide you'll find some useful information for finding information using the Foundation Center Directory Online.

For some general help check out the:

  • Foundation Search Tutorials These will help you quickly learn how to search using multiple search techniques.

  • ***Please note that the Foundation Center Directory Online is only accessible while on the UDC Campus. You cannot access the Directory from off-campus. If you're off-campus you can use the Foundation Center's GrantSpace website to access their free resources.

    Subject Guide

    Tips for Searching Handout

    These handouts were created by the Foundation Center and are a handy guide to have on hand when using the Foundation Directory Online.

    *All pages are copyrighted by the Foundation Center and are not to be altered.